Glass Beach

During the early 20th century residents of Fort Bragg, California chose to dispose of their waste by hurling it off the cliffs above a beach. No object was too toxic or too large as household appliances, automobiles, and all matter of trash were tossed into the crashing waves below, eventually earning it the name The Dumps. In 1967 the North Coast Water Quality Board closed the area completely and initiated a series of cleanups to slowly reverse decades of pollution and environmental damage. But there was one thing too costly (or perhaps impossible) to tackle: the millions of tiny glass shards churning in the surf. Over time the unrelenting ocean waves have, in a sense, cleansed the beach, turning the sand into a sparkling, multicolored bed of smooth glass stones now known as Glass Beach. The beach is now an unofficial tourist attraction and the California State Park System has gone so far as purchasing the property and incorporating it into surrounding MacKerricher State Park. (images courtesy digggsmatthew highmeganprulee rentz)


Imagine that a place that used to be a waste dump, now is a beach with beautiful pieces of glass!

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Aaron Siskind, The Divers.

So cool and beautiful!

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Very excited to welcome Katie Couric to @Yahoo! Anchors aweigh!  http://yahoo.tumblr.com/post/68071950595/welcome-aboard-katie-anchors-aweigh

Exciting things are happening at Yahoo!

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Yesterday it was 25 years since Roine and I understood that we were more than friends. I think we both felt that from that moment, we were supposed to live together, raise kids together and work together. It was natural, without any doubts. We have had ups and downs during our 25 years together, but we have never lost the feeling of no matter what conflict may arise, we will always find a way to work it out, because we want to be together, so we have to work everything out.

We are not married in the formal way. We are mentally married in a special way, that is a commitment only between us. That’s why we chose to not show anything of our private celebration on social media while i happened.

Now I want to publish some pics from yesterday. We spent in in wonderful Visby and stayed at Donners Hotel. We had dinner at Amarillo - because we like that place, people are nice and friendly, the food is soooo tasty and interesting to eat.

Roine gave me a beautiful necklace made from oxidized silver and colored sweet water pearls. It’s designed by Annika Gustavsson who’s father grew up in the house we live in and it’s inspired by the shells from common mussels that we have a lot of on our beach. I am very picky when it comes to jewelry, I don’t get the point with buying for example gold and diamonds just because it’s gold and diamonds. I want something more. This was the perfect necklace for me. Thank you Roine!

Well, now we made it for 25 years. More years to come. Life is beautiful.


Most leaves have fallen. The trees are naked. November is close.



I struck up a conversation with him, and he casually mentioned that he was having trouble adjusting to Columbia, due to his “previous situation.” So I asked him to elaborate.

"I was born in Egypt," he said. "I worked on a farm until 3rd grade with no education. I came to the US for one year, started 4th grade, but was pulled out because my father couldn’t find work and returned to Egypt for a year. The first time I went to an actual school was middle school, but the whole school was in one classroom, and I was working as a delivery boy to help the family. It was illegal for me to be working that young, but I did. When I finally got into high school, my house burned down. We moved into a Red Cross Shelter, and the only way we could live there is if we all worked as volunteers. I got through high school by watching every single video on Khan Academy, and teaching myself everything that I had missed during the last nine years. Eventually I got into Queens College. I went there for two years and I just now transferred to Columbia on a scholarship provided by the New York Housing Association for people who live in the projects. It’s intimidating, because everyone else who goes to Columbia went to the best schools, and have had the best education their entire lives."

Amazing story. Education is a treasure and a blessing. Don’t forget that!

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Autumn in Kappelshamn. Lots of sunshine and warm air. Yellow cascades of leaves.

I used Toon Camera for these pics. I think the app is very useful for landscapes, it finds the rythm and the directions in the image.